Are you looking for some hints and tips about using the self storage unit you’ve rented?

Moving can be stressful – we understand this, which is why we want to save you time, money and hassle when you rent a storage unit from Storage Lord.

If you want your self storage process to run smoothly, it pays to be organised when it comes to renting your self storage unit. These small tips will help you to get the most out of your self storage shed and avoid any long term storage issues. 

Our friendly staff are always hear to help and you can always reach out and contact us. Our extensive self storage experience can help you organise your storage shed and maximise the benefits of renting a storage unit with us.

Inventory of Each Box

Keep an inventory of each box that you pack.

Storage of Large and Heavier Items

Place the larger and heavier items at the back of your storage space.

Pack and Label Cartons

Pack and label cartons room by room.

Plastic Boxes Protect Storage

Plastic boxes protect storage items better than cardboard boxes.

How You Store the Boxes

Plan how you store the boxes in your storage space, maximise.

Plastic Covers for Furniture

Use plastic covers for your furniture, protect your belongings.

Vacuum Food Crumbs from Furniture

Vacuum food crumbs from furniture, mitigate vermin threats.

Label Fragile Items

Label fragile items on your storage boxes.

Empty the Freezer Before Storing your fridge.

Make certain the ice tray is empty and the freezer box is ice-free before storing your fridge.

Remove Batteries from Storage Unit

Remove batteries from your storage unit, mitigate leakage.

Place Air Freshener inside Storage Shed

An air freshener placed inside your storage shed maintains freshness.

Keep Details up to date

Keep your details up to date, be contactable.